Release notes will be updated periodically to reflect known issues, the release of new features, upgrades to existing features, and bug fixes.


  • Image Downloads in Internet Explorer
    • Unit Gauges header does not display properly
    • Unit Modeling > Results > Box Plots draw as solid black bars
  • Broad Fields Header
    • The number of institutions with broad field representation incorrectly reports “1”
  • Suggested Awards
    • The Common Unit Recipients count may be incorrect for scholars with multiple institution affiliations
  • Custom Filter Application
    • Custom unit counts in the unit header do not update when applying custom filters while viewing the Book Profile, Award Profile, and Unit Modeling screens for departments and programs
    • Non-relevant institutions still appear in the Article Profile > Articles Market Share after Custom Peer Group filter application, although such institutions have their article counts set to 0

UPDATE – 1/17/19

Suggested Awards
  • Research Insight > Scholar Profile
    • Suggested Awards are now being calculated for some non-comparative scholars; Law and Clinical scholars are not currently included in that set
  • Downloads > Suggested Awards – All Scholars
    • This file will now include Suggested Awards for non-comparative scholars (subject to above restrictions)
  • Downloads > Suggested Awards – Unit Scholars
    • Two new downloads have been added which provide unit and discipline affiliation information for institution Department and Program scholars