Release notes will be updated periodically to reflect known issues, the release of new features, upgrades to existing features, and bug fixes.


  • Image Downloads in Internet Explorer
    • Unit Gauges header does not display properly
    • Unit Modeling > Results > Box Plots draw as solid black bars
  • Institution > Comparing Institutions
    • Land Grant column data returns inconsistent values when switching between “Programs” and “Departments” views
  • Downloads
    • Details Product – Full Data > The aa_fd_matches_articles file is missing data in several columns for most 2019 and 2020 articles
    • Details Product – Comparative Data > aa_c_level01_dept_fac_comp and aa_c_level01_prog_fac_comp downloads have column names swapped for columns F and G (unitsincomparisongroup and facultyincomparisongroup)

UPDATE – 4/13/20

Research Insight
  • Search Standardization
    • The Research Insight search experience has been standardized to Faculty Insight, leading to the removal of the Keyword “pill search” option. The search options are now “Research Topic” and “Scholar Name”. Search syntax can be found via temporary notifications or the Research Insight Menu.
  • Saved Searches
    • Searches may now be saved in RI via a “Save” button found next to the “Search” button on the Results view. Clicking this button will bring up a dialog where users choose a name for the search and can additionally save the current state of “Refine Your Search” filters. Searches can be loaded, reviewed, or shared via the Research Insight Menu “Saved Searches” option.